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Radial Takes On Global Sales, Distribution For Jensen's Iso-Max Line

Vancouver, Canada-based Radial Engineering Ltd. has taken on the global sales, marketing and distribution of Jensen’s Iso-Max products. Iso-Max is a range of isolators that provide ground isolation and noise abatement for audio and video in broadcast, home theater and commercial AV integration. Radial has a long history with Jensen, according to company President Peter Janis. When Radial was founded in 1992, we started life as a distributor. One of our first product lines was Jensen. Back then, we sold raw transformers to sound companies and broadcasters that, in turn, built custom multi-channel snakes and splitters. As the market for snakes matured, sound companies moved away from custom snakes and home-built isolators to buying off-the-shelf solutions.” He added, “In 1996, we launched the Radial JDI (Jensen DI), which has become the most popular passive direct box in live concert touring and has been a cornerstone for Radial sales around the globe. Over the years, Radial has become Jensen’s largest customer and as we have grown, Radial and Jensen have become synonymous.”

Janis continued, Anyone who knows Jensen knows that the company is engineering based. A few years ago, Jensen decided to take a similar route to ours by producing a range of plug-and-play solutions under the Iso-Max range. Jensen recently came to the conclusion that, unless there are feet on the street telling dealers and contractors that the product exists, Jensen would miss out on a huge opportunity. This led to discussions that culminated in Radial taking over the sales and marketing side of the business. Over the coming months we will be setting up retail and contractor partners, independent reps in the United States and Canada and formalizing exclusive agreements with distributors around the globe.” Jensen transformers are made by hand in the United States and are supported with a 20-year factory warranty.

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