Projector Lamps Are Still Viable

Projectors have been sold and installed for decades, and the highest volume of those sales have occurred in the past 10 years.
Projector Lamp

You’ve heard it before: The projector business is on the decline. Ask any dealer, integrator or reseller, and they’ll tell you that projectors are being increasingly replaced with LCD displays and videowalls in classrooms, corporate offices and government facilities. With this in mind, why would an integrator stock his inventory with projector components, such as projector lamps, if they sell the product less and less frequently? Isn’t that a backward-looking strategy as opposed to a forward-looking strategy?

Far from it! It is this inaccurate perception that’s causing individual integrators to miss out on thousands of dollars each year in additional revenue. The reality is that, although the projector business is declining, the pace is not rapid enough for integrators to completely abandon the category. Projectors have been sold and installed for decades, and the highest volume of those sales has occurred in the past 10 years. Therefore, millions of people (many of whom are completely new to the technology) are using projectors every day and will be using them for many years to come.

Over this duration of time, the lamps in the projectors will burn out and require replacing. What do end users do when they have to find a replacement projector lamp? Currently, they turn to one of many web companies that simply sell projector lamps as a spare part along with batteries and chargers. This process virtually eliminates the integrator, deeming the integrator’s role irrelevant after the original sale is made and robbing you of any additional, after-the-fact profit on the hardware you sold. Because of this, hundreds and thousands of dollars are going to third-party websites for replacement projector lamps that can and should be supplied by the integrator.

By overlooking what seems to be a “backward-looking” opportunity, integrators are missing out on enormous profits that the projector lamp business offers after a sale has already been made. It’s foolish to ignore such a significant customer demand that is going to remain relevant for years to come. The solution is plain and simple: Projector lamps burn out and customers need replacements. Integrators should capitalize on this opportunity by becoming the supplier.

This current projector lamp replacement process, which virtually eliminates the integrator’s role, can, and should be, changed. You can do this by adding inexpensive projector lamps to your inventory, enabling you to profit from long-term sales to customers. In addition, you can reach out to former customers to let them know that you now supply replacement projector lamps at a lower price than third-party websites. And, you can change the process in the future by implementing replacement projector lamp plans at the time of a sale.

It’s time to begin generating potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. Whether you sell replacement projector lamps in a plan before a future sale or reach out to former customers who are still working with their projector systems, it’s a forward-looking strategy that you won’t regret.

Although the future may be bright with LCD displays and videowalls, projector use is happening now and the customers who made recent technological investments need your support. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s easier than ever to jump right in.

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