Primacoustic: ThunderTiles Acoustic T-Bar Ceiling Tiles

PrimacousticPrimacoustic’s sound blocking and sound absorbing ThunderTiles are unique acoustic T-bar ceiling tiles that combine the remarkable absorption characteristics of high density glass wool with the sound-blocking attributes of gypsum board. ThunderTiles are finished in Absolute White™ latex for superior light reflectance. Edges are also treated to fully encapsulate the panel. The sound absorbing panel is then bonded to a ½” thick layer of gypsum board which provides the extra mass to control sound. The ThunderTiles have been tested to meet the most demanding Class-A requirements and results prove these to be among the safest ceiling tiles in the industry. This makes the ThunderTile ideal for boardrooms, medical offices, music schools, home theatres, restaurants, libraries, cafeterias and other spaces where sound control is required. Once installed, ThunderTiles provide effective control of the reverberant field while eliminating bothersome primary reflections that make communication difficult.

Sound & Communications: March 2021 Digital Edition
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