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Polish Arena Ups Its Audio Game

Qumak S.A. has installed an extensive Dynacord sound system in the new 15,500-seater Arena Lublin in Lublin, Poland, home of the Polish second division football club, Motor Lublin. A P64 controller, a Promatrix digital matrix manager and DSA amplifiers are delivering recorded music and announcements, in addition to fulfilling the vital duties of voice evacuation.

Three years in construction, the Arena Lublin has a capacity of 15,500. Although comparatively small, it boasts ultramodern facilities, especially when it comes to sound. The installed system is sufficiently versatile to meet the needs of music reproduction, announcements and voice evacuation. The stadium owners had asked for uncompromised audio quality and a system that was easy to use, all while meeting their budget requirements.

The system can deliver targeted messages to 11 different zones within the stadium, with five assigned to the playing field and seating areas, and six to the interior of the building. Two sub-racks equipped with Dynacord components power the loudspeaker enclosures, while a fiberoptic ring assures maximum reliability. The amplifiers are equipped with RCM-810 modules that provide remote supervision and control; users also have the entire system in view and at their fingertips thanks to a custom-configured IRIS-Net software interface. The control room is also equipped with a CMS 1600 mixer and two PWS wall panels from Electro-Voice.

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