Neutrik: New USB 3.0 Feedthrough Adapters

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NeutrikNeutrik USA, the leading supplier of robust and reliable professional connectivity solutions for audio, video, and data, builds upon the success of its USB 2.0 products with the introduction of its new USB 3.0 Feedthrough Adapters. Using a standardized D-shape housing and available with either a nickel flange (part number NAUSB3) or a black chrome flange (part number NAUSB3-B), the new USB 3.0 Feedthrough Adapters feature a reversible A-B type insert, enabling installers to position either the Type A or Type B connector at the front. The adapter offers the option of either connecting the screen to the chassis or of isolating the screen. Unlike Neutrik’s USB 2.0 solutions, mating cable assemblies will not be available for these USB 3.0 products, nor will a rugged cable carrier. Additionally, in contrast to Neutrik’s USB 2.0 solutions, the new NAUSB3* chassis adapters do not carry an IP rating, though IP-rated protection covers are available for them.

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