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My AV New Year’s Resolutions

I understand that you are probably sick and tired of resolutions. I understand that it is cliché. However, I really enjoy taking some time to reflect on where I am and where I want to go. The end of the year is a convenient time to do so. We have some time off. There’s a sense of merriment wherever you go. It’s a healthy time to take inventory. So, here are my AV New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Read Better and Read More
    • Warren Buffet estimates that he spends about 80% of his time reading, and credits many of his great money decisions to his voracious reading habit. In general, great leaders are well read. I enjoy reading, but I think my reading habits can be improved. I’ve been on a sci-fi/viking kick lately, and I think I need to pepper in some more effective literature dealing with business, leadership and industry news. We live in exciting times and the world continues to shrink and flatten. We need to stay up to date on not only what’s happening out there in the AV/Technology Ocean, but how best to navigate the waters.
  2. Document and Archive What I Do
    • I hate re-inventing the wheel. It’s time wasted. Many times throughout the week, I’ll be poring over some task that I know I solved before, but I can’t find the job or file that has the answers. I would like to document more of what I do, and figure out some effective way to categorize or tag these documents so I can easily search through them. Not only will it save me time, but now I can also share it with the team.
  3. Delegate More
    • Speaking of sharing, I need to delegate more. A dear friend of mine called me a “pinch point” for my company, and he couldn’t be more correct. It’s a bad habit to think it’ll be easier if I take care of it quickly. I get bogged down easily and deadlines pile up fast. I am a firm believer in delegation not only growing the company, but also growing the individuals in the company as they take on more responsibility. I want to do it. I know it is the best thing for me and the team. I just don’t for some reason. That will change now.
  4. Get Smarter on Social Media
    • I don’t know how to LinkedIn (or Twitter or Snapchat or Facebook or YouTube or whatever). I understand the power of it. I understand the basics of how it works. I’m just not sure of the daily/weekly work flow. How many groups should I participate in? How much time do I spend browsing to be effective and not neglect other aspects of the job? If I post mostly my stuff, is that annoying? What’s the best time of day to post and how often? What is the right balance of humor and technology? Hopefully I’ll make some progress with this in 2017.
  5. Declutter My Life
    • When I was a kid and saw something in a neighbor’s garbage that I could tinker with, it was Christmas all over again. Old electronics to take apart, old doors to practice picking locks, broken strollers to make go carts. As you might imagine, my “junk drawer” turned into a “junk garage” much to my mother’s chagrin. Old habits die hard. Even now, I have about eight null modem adapters in my drawer…just in case. This is true for my desk, my computer, even my DSP files. “I don’t want to delete that input processing chain even though it’s not used. Someone might need it in the future!” I have a problem. The best advice I’ve heard: Weigh the possibility of you needing it in the future against the frustration of seeing it every day until you use it (if you ever do). If your blood pressure rises every time you walk through you garage and trip over the lens of a rear projection TV that you gleaned to make a neato solar forge someday, throw it out. Similarly, if you have to scroll down twice through all the disabled processors before getting to the active part of a site file, it’s time to delete some DSP blocks. It is so easy for the Just In Case Pile to overwhelm every aspect of your being. This ends now. I came here to throw out useless stuff and chew gum…and I’m all out of gum.

I don’t believe in waiting until the new year to implement change, but the end of December does trigger introspection for some reason. As soon as you decide on a change you want to make, do it immediately. It just so happens that the end of the year is when I have time to catch my breath and take a minute to notice where I am. I am a happy and satisfied person, and I hope you are as well. However, there is always room for improvement.

Get after it.

Happy New Year.

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