InfoComm16 New Audio Product Wrap-Up

Martin Audio – Outdoor Speakers

Martin Audio’s CDD-WR Series

Martin Audio has expanded its CDD install series with weatherized variants (CDD-WR). The CDD Series features Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology for improved coverage and consistency using fewer speakers than those with fixed-dispersion XxY horns. CDD-WR speakers meet a rating of IP54, and are accompanied by weather-resistant mounting brackets. They feature a weatherized, water-resistant grille made from zinc-plated mild steel with a powder-coated finish. CDD5TX-WR and CDD6TX-WR feature a 100/70V line transformer and a dual cable gland for daisychaining of cabinets without the need for external breakout boxes. CDD8-WR through CDD15-WR feature a single cable gland on the input cover. CDD10-WR through CDD15-WR are flyable with stainless steel fixings. CSX-WR subwoofers are suitable for outdoor under-canopy operation and have an IP24 rating. They feature a zinc-plated mild steel grille with powder-coated finish, plywood cabinet with polyurea finish, and are flyable with stainless steel fixings.

Martin Audio

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