InfoComm17 New Audio Product Wrap-Up

Lowell: Ceiling Speakers

Lowell’s LT/SM Series

Lowell has upgraded its LT/SM 1×2 or 2×2 lay-in tile ceiling speakers. The upgraded series features music/paging and sound masking in 1 ready-to-install package. It offers faster setup, with dual rotary tap selectors, removable plates and an optional volume-control adjustment knob for the sound-masking driver. Each of the new LT/SM assemblies features 2 8″ 15W dual-cone drivers—1 to fire down for music/paging, 1 to fire up for sound masking—and factory-wired 70V transformers. Taps are selected by externally accessible rotary control knobs, whereas removable plates make wiring easier. An optional volume-control adjustment knob for the sound-masking driver is included in 2 models. This 50Ω potentiometer shaft-adjust volume control allows fine-tuning of the masking noise level. The LT/SM assemblies feature a partitioned backbox to provide volume for each driver and 1×2 or 2×2 fine-perforation grille.

Lowell Manufacturing

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