Lectrosonics: New Digital Secure Wireless System

LectrosonicsFeaturing AES-256-CTR encryption, the new Digital Secure Wireless system from Lectrosonics is ideal for use where privacy is of paramount concern. As a rugged and high-quality wireless microphone system, the DSW system will find a home in corporate, government, theater, film, touring and other demanding applications. AES encryption technology employing a 256-bit key meets stringent government standards under FIPS 197. In addition, the CTR (counter) encryption mode maintains low latency (2.5 ms overall) while keeping channel noise at a minimum. Key management is user selectable as “persistent”, where the key is kept from session to session, and “one-time”, where the key must be generated for each session. The system utilizes a special chip for true entropy generation, thus complying with government standard FIPS 140-2. The cabled key transfer avoids security issues with easily detected infrared key transfer systems.


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