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JBL’s AE Powered Series Loudspeakers

JBL’s AE Powered Series loudspeakers

JBL’s AE Powered Series loudspeakers are equipped with Crown DriveCore front-end amplification, JBL user-configurable DSP and full HiQnet Network control. The AE Powered Series is comprised of 2 full-range loudspeakers and 2 subwoofer models. The series offers network configuration, control and monitoring capabilities via Harman Audio Architect software. Rotatable waveguides allow designers to utilize the full-range system in both vertical and horizontal configurations while maintaining the same coverage pattern. MTU-1 and MTU-3 U-brackets can be utilized for overhead suspension of the full-range loudspeaker systems. Looping PowerCon A/C connectors provide the capability to combine 2 or 3 loudspeaker systems without requiring multiple home runs to the main power source or additional junction boxes at each array location. All models are equipped with Differential Drive low-frequency drivers with 3″ voice coils. The full-range, high-frequency section utilizes the 2432H 3″ voice coil compression driver.

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