Introducing Media-1 and Media-2 Direct Boxes


Jensen Transformers’ new Media-1 and Media-2 direct boxes join the ISO-MAX® range of passive, hum-eliminating solutions where absolute audio performance is required. Specifically for use with laptops and other consumer audio sources, the Media-1 and Media-2 are equipped with Jensen JT-DB-EPC transformers and also equipped with a variable pad that enables the user to precisely adjust the input level to enable all types of media sources such as laptops, tablets, video players and DJ mixers to be connected using the ¼” RCA or 3.5mm inputs while allowing the user to set the signal level on the fly. The Media-1 is a single channel device that automatically mixes the stereo source to mono saving valuable channels in the PA system while the Media-2 retains full stereo functionality. Both are guaranteed for 3 years while the internal transformers are guaranteed for 20 years.



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