AV Police Squad

An Introduction

Welcome to “From the Files of the AV Police Squad”!

My name is Jim Maltese, and most of my business is commissioning AV systems as a third party. We don’t design or install the systems we test. We assure that the client gets exactly what they were expecting. We go through the entire system with a fine-toothed comb, and look at not only the control system functionality, but the installation practices and serviceability of the system. As such, many people call us the AV Police…hence the title of the blog. While not entirely accurate, there have been times I don’t mind the nickname.

AV Commissioning is becoming kind of a hot topic nowadays. Integrators and designers certainly commission their own systems, especially the ones who like to turn a profit. Several organizations choose to hire a third party (like AVR) to commission and accept their systems on their behalf. There’s even a quality management standard out there to teach people how to do it. Check out AV9000 at AQAV: www.aqav.org.

In this blog, I hope to create a very interactive atmosphere based on testing AV systems and getting them “done done” as quickly as possible. I think we can all agree that everyone involved in a project wants that. I currently pen a monthly article, called “The Commish,” on this same topic in the print version of Sound & Communications. However, in the blogosphere, we can do things that just can’t be supported by printed media. I can post videos on testing technique. I can capture audio from problematic conferencing systems. I can also get feedback from readers quicker and easier. Just hit that comment button below and let’s geek out on AV commissioning.

So, welcome to the blog. I think we are going to have a great ride. Please let me know of any topics that may be of interest to you.

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