Industry Veterans Team Launch Department 60

Department 60 founders Mike Brandofino, Kelly Harman and Sal Tumino.

If you’ve been in the AV, UC, videoconferencing or systems integration business for more than a few years, you’ve probably run across at least one of the three industry veterans who recently teamed together to launch Department 60, LLC: Mike Brandofino, Kelly Harman and Salvatore (Sal) Tumino met more than a decade ago when they were employed at Wire One Technologies. They worked closely at Wire One to help launch Glowpoint, a managed services offering that eventually became a publicly traded company in its own right.

Brandofino went on to become the CEO of Glowpoint, Harman launched a successful marketing consultancy and Tumino held senior operations executive positions at several integration companies. After a decade of crossing paths in various capacities, the trio decided it was time to team together again and launch a company that would offer both strategic and tactical consulting services to large and mid-sized enterprises.

“Every large project that a company undertakes has a lifecycle,” commented Brandofino, Managing Partner/CEO of Department 60. “Inevitably, the project gets stalled during a specific stage of the lifecycle because the company is either missing the necessary skills internally, or they have the skillsets but are too busy working on other priorities.

“That’s where Department 60 steps in. Whether it’s integrating a recent acquisition, looking to improve operations, implementing sales and marketing strategies or launching a new product, companies undergoing these projects look for experienced resources that have done it before. Like a law firm with specialists in various disciplines, the partners at D60, along with our highly talented associates, have the ability to step in at any stage of the project and add value,” concluded Brandofino.

“I can’t think of a single executive who hasn’t wished for extra resources at some critical point,” said Harman, a Partner at Department 60. “We all wish there was a department we could call who could deliver the talent and resources necessary to successfully complete a project. But then we want them to go away when we are done. We don’t want to carry that extra overhead. That is what Department 60 is designed to do: become that valued resource, but only when we’re needed.”

The company has several contracts in place with manufacturers, service providers and integration companies, and is continuing to build its roster of associates.

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