Industry POV: The Golden Image

No work and all plug and play.

You’re an AV Pro expert and your clients are small- to medium-sized businesses, large corporations, government facilities, retailers, call centers, restaurant chains or educational institutions. And anywhere there is a commercial AV solution, there is a computer or media player behind it. Your responsibilities—“your” computers—are everywhere, and they do everything.

Your task is to make sure that every one of those computers, whether small or large, boots properly and loads applications as designed. For larger deployments, that means they need to come online the same way, they’re imaged correctly, permissions are set properly…the list goes on and on, right?

And now you’re facing the daunting task of installing 40 new systems or 400. At the same time, your workload is excessive, maybe your staff has been reduced, and you have deadlines to meet. How can you get all this done with limited resources?

Depending on the type of organization you work for, the current scenario would typically go like this: your new computers/media players are delivered to your office or maybe to a warehouse. Once received, each one is unpacked, plugged in and booted up. You need to set the BIOS, load the OS, load software, test, unplug, repack and deploy the system. It takes about an hour each time. And then you turn to the next one and start all over again.
How many hours are spent going through this process? How many people do this same thing over and over?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Network and Computer Systems Administrators earn an average of $76,320 per year, which translates to about $37.00 per hour. Let’s say you have three people on staff, processing 200 computers: That’s more than $22,000 spent on salary alone. And while your team is working on getting these systems ready, the rest of the work is backing up.

How can you find a better way?
You could hire someone to provide this service for you, but then you simply transfer the cost from your own budget to a separate outsourcing line item. And the fees could actually be higher than keeping the process in-house.

The key is to find a manufacturer that does all this for you and gets your computers or media players ready before anyone even opens the box.

Most computer and media player companies are set in their ways. Their product comes off the factory line exactly like every other computer, with an OS and some free software installed. You get what you pay for and the rest is up to you. But imagine that your PCs, digital media players, POS devices—essentially any computing solution—are already preset and preloaded. Imagine that they are already Scala-enabled, VMWare (or any application) ready. That would revolutionize your efficiency and positively impact your budget and your company’s bottom line.

How much time and money could that save? Depending on the number of computers or media players you are installing, it could be thousands or potentially millions of dollars annually. And how could it positively impact your performance? With all that time saved, what other services could you provide to your clients? You might even have time to go out to lunch.

So, when shopping for computer and media player solutions, consider a manufacturer that works directly with its customers to create detailed, made-to-order solutions for all deployments. One that works closely with you to produce a golden image: the image that gets burned into every computing device you order, so each computer starts the same way, has the same software loaded, denies access to the same websites, allows access to the same websites, connects to the same network…you get the picture.

The work is done once, up front, and when your systems are delivered, they’re made your way, exactly as you want them configured; they really are plug and play.

Because the process is so efficient, the costs are minimal compared to the expenditures in time you would traditionally spend. The image is set once, and repeated in each device. And when you have updates or changes, you simply update the golden image with any new requirements you might have, and then any additional computers are preconfigured exactly as you choose. It’s your choice and not your computer vendor’s choice. It’s simple, fast, efficient and effective. It’s the best way to do more with less.

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