High Redundancy, High Reliability

Supports Calgary EOC’s vital functions.

The Calgary Emergency Operations Center (EOC, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a vital facility in protecting the lives of Calgarians, their property and equipment. In a disaster or major emergency, key personnel from the City of Calgary business units and representatives from external partner agencies like ENMAX, ATCO and Alberta Health Services assemble in the EOC and support front-line response personnel and business continuity by maintaining city services.
Multi-Agency Center

Therefore, the EOC is Calgary’s multi-agency coordination center in any large-scale emergency. The center houses about 25 staff daily. It can operate as a self-contained facility for the critical first 72 hours of an emergency. The EOC system includes a GIS (geographical information system) that involves the relay of maps with embedded information, and live feeds from city traffic and police helicopter cameras.

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