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Herman ProAV, a provider of professional AV products, procurement services and labor resources to systems integrators in the commercial AV and broadcast industries, has a new distribution partnership with SurgeX, [] which provides professional-grade power protection and energy intelligence solutions. “Herman’s leadership in the commercial AV and broadcast markets, and its future-facing distribution model, make it an ideal partner for SurgeX,” said Shannon Townley, President of SurgeX. “Herman recognizes the growing importance of intelligent energy management and power protection in our increasingly connected world, and we’re proud to serve the needs of its broad and growing client base.”

“We are excited to partner with SurgeX, to provide our customers with another top product manufacturer of commercial AV products,” said Jeffrey Wolf, Executive VP, Herman ProAV, adding, “SurgeX’s industry-leading energy management solutions, together with our leadership in offering systems integrators the best-in-class logistical support and supply chain solutions, provide a great benefit to our mutual customers. We continually look for opportunities to grow and enhance our value to our customers and the industry.”

As part of this partnership, Herman ProAV is also helping make SurgeX’s new international product line readily available to domestic dealers. As a stateside distributor, Herman ProAV will provide a simpler procurement process for domestic dealers working with customers outside North America.

SurgeX’s technology is engineered to properly protect commercial AV equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt sound quality and digital performance. Herman has two distinct and complementary divisions: Herman Pro AV and Herman Integration Services. Celebrating more than 50 years in business, Herman has leveraged its industry experience to help customers improve operational efficiencies and achieve cost savings related to the procurement and management of project materials and labor resources.

For more information about SurgeX International merging with ESP/SurgeX, see NEWSLETTER, dated May 16, 2014.

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