The HDBaseT Alliance (Hod Hasharon, Israel), the cross-industry group tasked with promoting and advancing HDBaseT technology, announced that the Compliance Test Specification for Spec 2.0 of the HDBaseT standard (CTS 2.0) has been issued and is available for members. CTS 2.0 allows for the testing and certification of products according to Spec 2.0 of the HDBaseT standard. Spec 2.0 of the HDBaseT standard was released in August 2013 and, in addition to supporting the 5Play feature set as in Spec 1.0, it brought forth new functionalities, such as multistreaming, daisy-chaining, USB 2.0 support and fiber as a new transmission medium. The first Spec 2.0-compliant chipset was released in June 2014, and the first Spec 2.0 products are being introduced to the market now.

Just as with CTS 1.0, the Spec 2.0 Certification program provides all HDBaseT Alliance members with a formal framework to certify their complying products in an ever-growing ecosystem, for increased interoperability among current and future HDBaseT products. “As the first Spec 2.0 HDBaseT products are released, the Alliance is happy to provide our members with a framework to ensure products are compliant, interoperable and part of an established product ecosystem. Our goal is to certify every HDBaseT product in the market today,” said Ariel Sobelman, President, HDBaseT Alliance

The HDBaseT 2.0 Certification Program supports the HDBaseT Alliance membership base and product ecosystem by defining the testing procedures necessary to ensure proper implementation of HDBaseT technology. The goal of the program is to promote interoperability and enrich the overall ecosystem of HDBaseT products and systems.

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