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Harman Fights Counterfeiting With Worldwide Law Enforcement Raids

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Authorities in Thailand and Brazil recently carried out a series of successful raids against numerous retail outlets and warehouses selling counterfeit Harman consumer and commercial audio products.

In Thailand, authorities confiscated more than 250 counterfeit JBL Professional products and 175 counterfeit dbx products from a retail outlet and two related warehouses and assembling places in Udon Thani. The fake products, including JBL Professional speakers and multiple dbx products, were offered for sale through an online website as well as a physical storefront. In two additional raids in Phuket, authorities confiscated approximately 130 counterfeit JBL Professional speakers from 10 shops. In Brazil, authorities confiscated more than 1,600 JBL consumer audio products, including portable Bluetooth speakers. The raids followed more than one year of surveillance by a specialized IP law firm hired by Harman to combat counterfeiting worldwide.


“Harman is committed to protecting the integrity and image of its brands, and will not hesitate to vigorously defend against the unauthorized use of its name, designs and trademarks,” said Jaakko Alajoki, Legal IP Specialist, Harman. “As demand for our products continues to increase, we will continue to partner and cooperate with investigators and law enforcement agencies around the world to safeguard our intellectual property, and ensure that consumers are protected from counterfeit products.”

According to recent studies, the rise of counterfeiting in the international trade market not only damages a company’s brand, it generates serious risks to consumers who buy products with inferior materials and construction. Counterfeiting also damages the ability of authorized manufacturers, distributors and retailers to build successful businesses and generate jobs by selling authentic, high-quality products.

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