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Electro-Voice’s EVC Speakers

Electro-Voice’s EVC Speakers

The latest member of Electro-Voice’s (EV) EV-Innovation family of installation-dedicated speaker systems, the EVC series includes 5 basic models. 3 are 2-way trapezoidal speaker systems that can be used in a wide variety of applications where wide bandwidth, vertical and horizontal directivity control, and high efficiency are required. The EVC Variable Intensity model is a 2-way design with a compound waveguide that can evenly cover a defined rectangular audience area with almost no variation in sound quality and minimal change in level. The 18″ sub will complement any of the full-range systems. EVC speakers are voiced and styled so that they can be seamlessly used in systems with other EV-Innovation models: EVA (line array), EVF (front loaded), EVH (horn loaded), EVU (ultracompact).

Booth #3-B100

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