DSE 2016 New Product Spotlight

Data-Tronix’s VidCasterIP


Data-Tronix’s VidCasterIP is a hardware-based system for the distribution of HD audio/video content over existing IP networks. This solution allows properties to utilize their existing IP infrastructure to add HD video distribution without the additional expense of installing new wiring. The system works over an existing Ethernet network, so video sources and monitors can be physically located anywhere with access to the LAN. The VidCasterIP system consists of 3 types of devices. Encoders (transmitters) receive an HDMI signal from a video source such as a Blu-ray player, satellite or cable receiver, CCTV camera, etc., encode the signal and place it on the network where it may be decoded at any point on the LAN. Decoders (receivers) receive the signal from the network and convert it back to HD video; the HDMI output of the decoder is connected to an HDMI-compliant TV or monitor for viewing content up to 1080p resolution. Control Box (1 per system) receives routing commands from a user interface, such as an iPad or PC on the network, then communicates which signal each decoder should display.

Data-Tronix by North American Cable Equipment

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