Creating An Immersive In-Stadium Fan Experience

2016 has seen AV play an integral part in a number of major global sporting events around the world. Earlier this year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) teamed up with BT Sport and Canadian media company Rogers to deliver the first live-broadcast NBA game in 4K. In Europe, nearly €1.6 billion was invested into the construction and renovation of nine of the 10 stadiums hosting UEFA EURO 2016 across France, including deploying or upgrading AV systems. The 2016 Summer Olympic Games and Paralympic Games have provided huge opportunities to commercial AV manufacturers and service providers in Brazil, while the upcoming Dubai World Expo in 2020 and the Qatar World Cup in 2022 will drive substantial AV spending in the Middle East.

These installations have all gone beyond simply deploying hundreds of screens throughout venues. AV specialists are now offering a truly immersive experience throughout sporting venues that fans will never forget, while supporting additional features and management controls for internal staff and teams.

Enabling the distribution of highly entertaining and captivating content is the first step in delivering the perfect fan experience. By communicating a dynamic mix of live match footage, stadium information, announcements, merchandise and concession advertising, scores, and action replays on any number of screens around the venue, the AV team can help create lasting memories of a great day out.

From our experience working with stadiums around the world, the best way to achieve this is by deploying an integrated IP video and digital signage solution. This system enables the delivery of high-quality, live-action TV and video channels to any connected screen or mobile device on site that keeps visitors informed and engaged around the venue, and provides revenue generating opportunities through tailored messaging, targeted advertising and interactive services.

Although the core IPTV system has to cater to large audiences in the main stand and public areas, it also has to offer a more exclusive, personalized experience to fans and corporate guests in the hospitality and VIP suites. By combining live TV and video with digital signage to display tailored visitor information, sponsors’ adverts and announcements, as well as RSS feeds, stadiums and sporting venues can turn a simple event into a truly personalized and host-branded experience for corporate visitors and VIP groups.

In addition to offering the best fan experience, stadiums and sporting venues can use their AV systems to extend their revenue during the games, and help support their promotions. By integrating their IP video and signage system with other stadium technologies, including ticketing and VIP services, venues can display promotions and advertising on any screen, including self-service ticket kiosks. Guests in VIP suites are also able to browse merchandise and order refreshments through the flatscreens, maximizing opportunities for revenue generation.

IPTV systems can automatically record event coverage for later analysis to help the sports teams assess and improve performance after the game, and integrate with external broadcast equipment to enable onsite broadcasters to monitor their own channel output.
Stadiums are increasingly becoming multi-use facilities that provide meeting and hospitality services on non-concert and match days, as well as being more widely connected to restaurants, hotels or conference facilities. This means that the system has to adapt to various scenarios, such as internal and external channels delivered throughout the premises, on mobile devices and on digital signage displays, which can be turned into TV screens at will, depending on the nature of the event and audience.

AV integrators now have to keep all these elements in mind when specifying the best solution for stadiums, regardless of their size, focus or number of fans. By using an IP-based, centrally managed and scalable system, they can save significant costs and create a more integrated solution, turning any event into a fully immersive experience for supporters and their teams alike.

System Characteristics

  • stream live footage to any screen or mobile device around the venue
  • integrate live TV with digital signage to enable continuous viewing and engagement with news, info and advertising
  • flexible and scalable to fit any size of installation or type of content distribution
  • create a tailored viewing experience in VIP and hospitality areas, while optimizing revenue opportunities
  • central management ensures maximum control over what content is displayed to which audience
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