Contemporary Research Launches CTS Course on Digital RF

Contemporary Research (Addison TX) will launch its new Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) course “Digital RF: The Simple Solution to Distribute Digital Media” at its annual meeting for dealers, consultants and end users in Addison TX on Friday, January 16, 2015.

Doug Engstrom
Doug Engstrom

The course will be taught by Doug Engstrom, Vice President Communications and Technical Support, who has spent 40 years in the AV industry, serving as an InfoComm instructor for control systems, in design support with AMX and Crestron, and as a systems integrator.

“There are three pathways for distributing digital media facility-wide: IPTV, Cat5 video, and RF coax. While interest in IPTV is high, actual adoption of IPTV has been slow. Cat5 video requires dedicated home-run wiring limited to 300 feet. At the same time, digital RF installations have been exploding. Why? RF is digital media distribution: simplified,” Engstrom explained. “In this course we’ll learn how RF systems work, and how digital RF channels are encoded, integrated, distributed and tuned. We’ll explore the cross-point between RF HDTV and IPTV, as well as how to integrate TV control through the RF network.”

Integrators, consultants and end users who are interested in attending the free CTS Training course can find more information here.

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