Cleanly Switch and Mix HDCP Content with New Router from Ensemble Designs

Ensemble Designs is showing a new addition to the BrightEye compact router family for use with HDCP encrypted HDMI content at InfoComm14. The new BrightEye NXT 410-H Clean HDMI + HDCP Router supports clean and quiet switching of HDCP encrypted content to the HDMI output along side SDI and non-encrypted HDMI sources. The new routing switcher will be demoed at InfoComm booth N1739 in Las Vegas, June 18 -20.

The BrightEye NXT 410-H Clean HDMI + HDCP Router allows users to dissolve or cut between HDMI sources such as cameras or disk players, traditional SDI sources and HDCP encrypted devices to an HDMI display or projector. The built in frame syncs ensure an instantaneous, clean switch or dissolve between every source without flashing or unexpected black displays even with completely asynchronous sources. Non-HDCP encrypted HDMI and SDI sources can be routed to SDI destinations independently and simultaneously.

A unique web-browser user interface allows control and set-up from virtually anywhere via any web browser enabled device, while front panel controls allow complete configuration and control of the router without the use of a computer.

Demos – InfoComm Booth N1739.



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