Cal Poly Pomona, ClearTech Co-host Collaborative Learning Environments Symposium

The Collaborative Learning Environments Symposium was hosted at the new Marriott Learning Center on March 17 to provide those involved in the project an opportunity to share their experiences in a moderated panel-discussion format. Individuals from higher educational institutions and various other related fields attended the panel discussion and received hands-on demonstrations of the state-of-the-art AV systems installed at the Marriott Learning Center.

“The Collins College of Hospitality Management Expansion project is an exemplary example of how AV systems can transform collaboration in today’s learning environments,” said Christina De Bono, President of ClearTech, adding that “ClearTech and Collins College both realized this to be the case and took the opportunity to showcase what has been accomplished throughout the course of the project.”

The panel was moderated by John McGuthry, Vice President/CIO, Information Technology, and Victoria Bhavsar, PhD, Director of eLearning, Cal Poly Pomona. The panel included Dr. Lea R. Dopson, EdD, Dean and James A. Collins Distinguished Chair, Collins College; Andrew Naranjo, Projects Manager, Collins College; Chi Kwan Fong, Projects Manager, Facilities Planning, Design & Construction, Cal Poly Pomona; and Christina De Bono, President, ClearTech. Panel discussion topics included planning and design of the facilities with respect to the AV infrastructure, the high level of collaboration between parties involved in the project, and highlights of the new facility and its technology.

Attendees were given the opportunity to collaborate in a group puzzle exercise involving four teams at multiple interactive displays in the lecture rooms. Hands-on demonstrations showcased the collaborative features of the AV technology in the group study rooms, instructional support rooms and lecture rooms.

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