House Of Worship

In the Beginning

AV dreams come true with a blank slate and big budget.

Imagine receiving a phone call to provide an estimate for a new design and installation project in a brand new church planned by a wealthy real estate and building professional-turned-pastor. The project promises to have quite a few challenges in terms of connectivity and systems integration across a complex space but, in many aspects, will be more enjoyable than most installations. You come into the job during the design phase, and the client is so open to your ideas and expertise, he’s willing to have contractors rip the roof off the building, a former restaurant, to create a better acoustical environment.
That’s the most striking example Rick Boring of CCI Solutions ( offered when describing how committed Pastor David Lozier of My Church ( in Bellingham WA was to maintaining the highest quality in the small startup church. When Boring pointed out that the low ceilings of the former restaurant did not provide the best acoustical space for a contemporary worship sanctuary, Lozier called the architect and builder to redesign the roofline for optimal acoustics. “Most small churches don’t have the budget to do things this way,” Boring said. “Pastor Lozier has changed the paradigm of small churches.”

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