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Barix’s SIP Zone Paging Firmware

Barix’s SIP Zone Paging Firmware

Barix has introduced its latest SIP-based paging and intercom solutions with its new SIP Zone Paging firmware for paging and public address. This enables better integration of audio and paging capabilities with IP-based telephone systems. The new firmware runs on existing Barix hardware, including Exstreamer decoders and Annuncicom 2-way audio devices, and it enables systems integrators to implement a zone-supportable paging solution without the need to designate a SIP client for each individual paging point. Instead, page routing and communication is accomplished natively in the Barix SIP paging gateway. Configuration is required only once within the client port gateway firmware, overcoming prohibitive implementation costs for SIP solutions and the need for individual client licenses. Once deployed, users can dial the gateway number and select the zones designated to carry the message to multiple speakers. The SIP phones can dial into the paging system without a dedicated paging station.

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