Barix: Exstreamer Family of IP Audio Stream Decoders


The Exstreamer family of products reliably decode IP Audio streams and play out the received audio signal to amplifiers or loudspeakers. Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application-specific firmware, Exstreamer devices are ideal for integrators requiring open programmability and flexibility for installation across many LAN- and WAN-based AoIP and VoIP applications in professional AV verticals, including retail, hospitality, education and transportation. Control and local storage interfaces are device-specific to match different use cases, from multiroom IP audio system receivers; to SIP and IP Paging zone devices; to commercial audio streaming applications. The Exstreamer 110 adds an LED backlit information with dynamic visual data, including song/artist and program information – especially ideal in digital signage and in-store audio applications. With tens of thousands of devices installed globally, the Barix Exstreamer series is the established standard for IP audio.



ISE 2020 New Product Spotlight
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