AV Brings People Into The Library

The library’s captive audience is never far from digital signage, such as this example at the circulation desk.

Digital signage and AV are very much a part of the Blount County Public Library (BCPL) in Maryville TN. KC Williams, BCPL Director, asserted that the need is huge for informing patrons, which includes scheduling and information about library programs, as well as community services. “We do some advertising for local entities to build stronger connections,” she pointed out. “We have five customer service desks on our single 65,000-square-foot floor, so it’s spread out.”

When the monitors are in digital signage mode, “We do public service announcements in conjunction with the Community Health Initiative and information about government meetings,” said Williams. “We have a visual about individual programs, such as workplace development, an early readers children’s program, an interactive ‘Sensory Story Time’ and our ‘Focus on Seniors’ monthly program.”

Williams has been director of this library for three years. She did a comprehensive business plan last year that expressed all of the library’s needs. “Communication was a big issue,” she asserted. “The right hand never knew what the left was doing here because there was so much going on. So we set communication as one of our priorities. One way to meet that priority was to put in this distributed system, as well as improve our technology in our public spaces. Funding requests were made to several entities. My library foundation funded the digital signage system.”

Indeed, it was right time/right place for approving her plan. The response was, “This is great!” and “Let’s fund it!” I walked out of the meeting going, “Wow. This is awesome!”
Regarding the Tightrope software platform used for digital signage, she observed, “That’s where we build information that goes up on the monitors throughout the library. Through this system, we can manage when signage starts showing, when it stops and how many rotations it gets. It’s like a plug-and-play template that we can edit.”

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