InfoComm 2019 New Product Spotlight

AtlasIED’s IED570C-H

AtlasIED is launching the IED570C-H touchscreen mic station, designed for use in flight announcement systems in airports worldwide. Fully programmable via the touchscreen, the IED570 station eliminates the need for airline personnel to use physical buttons to unlock codes to start the boarding sequence. Each sequence can be preprogrammed to begin automatically, and gate personnel can see a preview of the boarding process on the screen. The IED570 gives gate agents control of the preprogrammed sequences at the touch of a finger, along with increased audio intelligibility for enhanced customer service at the gate. The IED570 station options include a desktop or flush-mount footprint, allowing immediate retrofitting of the existing IED528 series. Simply mount the IED570C-H directly to the IED528 backbox. Along with the T112 Series, the 570 Digital Communication Station offers PoE functionality with redundant ethernet ports. A networkbased appliance, each IED570 station can obtain an IP address automatically or be assigned a unique IP address.

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Demo Room #W224F

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