InfoComm17 New AV Product Wrap-Up

Arista’s IP Flash Caster Signal Distribution System

Arista’s IP Flash Caster signal distribution system features uncompressed 4K streaming and 0-latency AV over IP. Consisting of a transmitter and receiver, the system supports USB, RS232 and IR (control). The system is ideal for AV and KVM signal extension, IP-based switching, videowall and multi-view tasks. Its attributes include HDMI 2.0a, HDR video, windowing and audio downmixing, and audio embedding/de-embedding. The multi-source video compositing capability allows each receiver to combine multiple video sources onto a single display to accomplish PIP and PAP. The multi-source video compositing capability enables each receiver to automatically split an incoming video and render only a portion of the image as part of a videowall. Configurable bezel correction support compensates for the thickness of the bezel to hide the pixels needing to be obscured by the display bezel.


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