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APG, Active Audio Announce New Corporate Entity: Arbane Groupe

Active Audio, APG

Active Audio, a company specializing in public-address systems, and APG, a manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, have announced the creation of Arbane Groupe. This completes their strategic alliance initiated in 2016.

Régis Cazin, CEO of Arbane Groupe, said, “For the past four years, APG and Active Audio have been able to leverage a number of technological and organizational synergies, supported by strategic recruitment and exceptional results. We’ve seen many…innovations come directly from our strategic alliance, including APG’s Uniline Compact and Active Audio’s Ray On.” He continued, “The creation of Arbane Groupe is the natural outcome of our strategy of bringing together and perpetuating the two brands.”

Arbane Groupe’s mission, it said, is to offer unique solutions with a particular focus on directivity, as well as to improve intelligibility and fidelity across all points of a particular venue. The group’s values reflect those of the two manufacturers, with the desire to put an environmental agenda and acoustic performance at the forefront.

The Active Audio and APG brands will continue to offer audio solutions that meet distinct needs, building on their existing international network of distributors. At the same time, the two manufacturers will be able to draw on common synergies, particularly in terms of the production line, located at the Nantes, France, headquarters, as well as marketing.

Active Audio is distributed in the US by Allied ProTech.

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