Alcorn McBride, Weigl Works Partner

Alcorn Mcbride Weigl

Alcorn McBride (Orlando FL) is partnering with Weigl Works, LLC (Berea OH) to develop an “elegant solution for the tight integration of show control, animation, audio, video and lighting.” According to the companies, their integrated product, using technologies from both, will fill a void in the marketplace for customers who require precise synchronization between animatronic figures, lighting and AV elements.

“When combined, the advanced audiovisual and control capabilities of Alcorn McBride and the state-of-the-art animation systems of Weigl form the perfect solution for modern themed-entertainment attractions,” said Mike Blasko, Co-founder/Director of Technology of Weigl Works.

The new system will also offer cross-platform compatibility for PC and Mac (Beta) in terms of animation programming. The companies have focused efforts on easy software integration and versatile, powerful performance for even the most complex attractions.

Alcorn McBride and Weigl previously partnered on the successful launch of several major themed attractions worldwide. “Both of our companies have a solid reputation for providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for themed attractions. This partnership allows us to elegantly merge these technologies like never before, which is a huge value-add for our customers.” added Scott Harkless, Director of Sales at Alcorn McBride.

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