15th Anniversary Edition of 969A Series Front Programmable TT Audio Patchbay


Bittree high-performance patching systems will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of their iconic 969A Series front programmable TT (Bantam) Audio Patchbay. This special edition will be limited to 150 patchbays, a number that represents the 15-year anniversary of the approved patent US 6,535,367 B1 for this invention. Designed, built, and tested in Glendale, California, this model features a custom front panel design with a high gloss metallic polyurethane paint combined with a metallic silk screen. Offering a high-density 2×48 jack configuration, these patchbays are fully programmable allowing users to change the normals and grounding of individual circuits quickly and easily. Normals can be changed to full-normal, half-normal, or non-normal, and grounding can be changed to bussed, isolated, or looped. The 48 circuits on the front panel are numbered from left to right, with rear-interface options including E3, E90, ID (punchdown), and D25.


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