Z-HD5500 HD/UHD Camera with HDR

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Z-HD5500 HD/UHD Camera with HDRThe new HITACHI Z-HD5500 cost-effectively addresses the challenges of shooting in studios and venues with low-cost or varying-frequency LED lighting. Available immediately, the new camera joins the extensive line of HITACHI HD and UHD camera systems offering High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, enabling video productions with increased contrast, richer colors and enhanced lighting reproduction. The Z-HD5500’s new CMOS imagers adapt easily to a wide range of LED lighting conditions, enabling flawless, high-performance video capture in TV studios, houses of worship, theaters, arenas and other facilities where such lights or large LED displays are used. Paired with advanced digital signal processing and exclusive low-noise circuit technology, the new sensors deliver superior visual quality with exceptional sensitivity, excellent color fidelity and a 62dB signal-to-noise ratio. The Z-HD5500 also provides a flexible choice of connectivity, with support for both SMPTE fiber and triax infrastructures.


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