InfoComm16 New Audio Product Wrap-Up

Symetrix – Audio Management Solution

Symetrix’s Solus NX

Symetrix’s open-architecture Solus NX series serves in standalone DSP applications not requiring Dante network audio. Solus NX provides the same DSP power and delay memory as the company’s Radius, Prism and Edge DSPs. Solus NX is for small to large installed sound applications, handling DSP-intensive processing, routing and delay in complex environments requiring sophisticated speaker management, automixing, paging, zone mixing, routing and distribution, mic/line processing, AGC, room combining and more. The series includes the Solus NX 4×4, 8×8 and 16×8, which differ only in number of analog audio I/Os. All 3 feature a hi-res graphic OLED that displays system status and metering. A single pushbutton is used to navigate menus. Onboard GPIO adds more control, flexibility and economy. Solus NX integrates with Composer CAD-based design software.


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