SVSi: N3000 h.264 Decoder Provides Overlay Graphic Capability

SVSiThe N3000 h.264 decoder provides an overlay feature that supports displaying a graphic image on top of the decoded video. Multiple images can be upload and displayed at a user specified interval. Up to 30 images per second for up to 1000 320 x 240 sized images.  Reduced rate and image count for full screen images. Images can contain an alpha to provide image transparency or completely transparent areas to allow the video to show through. The user can also set a global alpha, that will be applied across the entire set of images. The user can specify a fixed screen location to display the images or a simple animation is provided to move the images on the screen. Control is provided through a server that accepts various image or video formats for overlay onto live video streams and builds playlists that can be served to remote locations at scheduled times.

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