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Stewart Filmscreen – Roller Screen

Stewart Filmscreen’s Torrent ElectriScreen

Stewart Filmscreen’s Torrent ElectriScreen offers the option of a recessed roller screen with an image width up to 17′. The Torrent’s streamlined case is 9.25″ tall by 12.5″ deep. The small case height and 4-point mounting system allow the Torrent to fit a range of ceiling depths. Torrent eliminates side-access covers through use of offset interior endplates. Stewart ensures a reinforced roller system to handle traditional aspect ratios, but also can customize Torrent with extra black drop above the image area for rooms with high ceilings. Torrent features a self-finishing ceiling flange, and the screen control system is located inside the case. Its dust plate is removable for access to the roller system and control connections. Torrent features a 47dB, low-noise, high-torque motor system as the standard. Options for quieter motor systems are available. Torrent can be configured with any of Stewart’s flexible front- and rear-projection screen materials (except Silver 3D).

Stewart Filmscreen

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