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Sound & CommunicationsBlue Book (print and online edition) has been a resource for industry events and expositions.  A list that includes hyperlinks can be found at:
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Industry Associations 
If you are looking for specific information about the trade associations that relate to commercial AV design and installation, the Blue Book (print and online edition) has been the resource for decades.  An extensive list of these associations can be found at:
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FCC 700MHz Wireless Compliance
In January 2010, the FCC ruled that all wireless microphones that broadcast in the 700MHz frequency band (including any frequencies between 698MHz and 806MHz) must cease operating no later than June 12, 2010. The Commission aims to prevent unlawful interference with public safety entities and commercial users that operate on the 700MHz band following the June 2009 digital television transition and to prevent wireless mic users from suffering interference.

The FCC’s website includes a section dedicated to providing consumers with important information about 700MHz wireless microphones, which can be found at . The Commission provides links to other consumer information, including FAQs, the “Consumer Fact Sheet,” the “Consumer Advisory,” and the FCC’s wireless microphones press release, at

A table is available at that might be helpful in ascertaining whether specific wireless microphones operate within the 700MHz band and, thus, will have to be replaced or retuned.

Finally, a link to the actual FCC decision can be reviewed at Numerous wireless manufacturers are offering or have extended rebate programs. Contact them directly for details.

Update: The FCC has issued a ruling pertaining to white spaces and wireless microphone protection. Read the ruling here.

Pro Audio Reference  
Rane Corporation took the initiative to provide a glossary of pro audio terminology.  From Greek symbols to company name origins, nearly any question relating to audio terminology can be found at:
UL Standard
A New Safety Standard for
High Tech Products

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is offering a white paper on product safety and testing in the technology sector. UL is a leader in this area, and the new IEC-62368 standard for audio/video and information/communication technology equipment is set to go into effect sometime after 2015. UL was a principal player in developing the standard, and wants to help manufacturers understand the corresponding hazard-based safety engineering (HBSE) approach to integrate safety compliance early in product design cycles. This white paper explains the standard and the HBSE approach.
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Lamp-Free Projection
A New Era
(published June 2013)
Why, how and where the world of projectors will undergo a major paradigm shift and bid adieu to traditional projection lamps.
By Pete Putman, CTS, ISF

Commercial Systems Integration Survey
28th Annual Commercial
Systems Integration Survey  

(published each July)
A 12-page report on the commercial AV systems integration community. An extensive analysis covering business trends, venues, hardware, new technologies, job size, criteria for selecting brands, training and much more. Comparison of survey results to previous years' results helps define market trends.
Commercial Systems Integration Survey
16th Annual Worship Center
Annual Worship Center AV Survey
(published each March)
A 12-page report on how music/AV ministers budget, plan and determine the types of audio, video and lighting systems they will employ in their house of worship. Charts and graphs that include five-year trends make this survey a must-read about this important vertical market.
Annual Worship Center AV Survey