Renkus-Heinz: ICONYX R Series Digitally Controlled Loudspeaker Systems

Renkus-HeinzBack when most manufacturers were just thinking about digitally steerable line arrays, ICONYX was already proving the theory. ICONYX R Series Digitally Controlled Column loudspeaker systems put the power of digital technology in your hands. Powerful digital processing and patented algorithms enable you to tightly focus sound energy only where it’s needed. Multiple sonic beams can be independently aimed and contoured using the software-controlled DSP. Multichannel audiophile amplifiers power arrays of purpose-designed coaxial transducers, each with its own triple tweeter array. This array-within-an-array design reduces the distance between sources for greatly improved HF performance with consistent, broad horizontal dispersion. The slim, low-profile ICONYX enclosure mounts flush to walls and columns, blending invisibly into almost any architectural environment. Engineered for the most challenging acoustical environments, ICONYX makes no compromises, delivering unrivaled intelligibility and full-range musicality.

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