PreSonus: StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration™ Loudspeakers

presonusPreSonus® StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration™ 3-way coaxial, active loudspeakers are driven by 2,000W of Class D amplification and employ a powerful DSP running Fulcrum Acoustic’s Temporal Equalization™ algorithms to deliver studio monitor accuracy at incredibly high SPLs. The heart of the full-range AI-series loudspeakers is PreSonus’ proprietary CoActual™ design’s ability to accurately reproduce transients, resulting in better intelligibility and a less-fatiguing listening experience. Three full-range models are available, along with an 18-inch, 1,000W subwoofer that integrates to form a true four-way system. All AI-series loudspeakers offer wireless and Wi-Fi control via PreSonus SL Room Control software for Mac, Windows, and iOS which lets you manage all networked speakers; create groups; control level; apply EQ, limiting, and delay; and monitor performance from anywhere in a venue. For more information visit


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