The Board of Directors of InfoComm International (Fairfax VA) has named David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, the association's next Executive Director/CEO, effective January 1, 2013, succeeding Executive Director/CEO Randal A. Lemke, PhD, who is retiring at the end of 2012. Vice President of RTKL (Baltimore MD) for more than 13 years, he founded the company's Technology Design Practice, overseeing the delivery of audiovisual, voice, data, wireless, environmental media, electronic security and acoustics services. "David Labuskes is a leading expert on the intersection of technology and the built environment," said Greg Jeffreys, InfoComm International President. "He is the executive who can help chart the course for InfoComm and our industry when it comes to the future of networked AV, smart building technology and more."
Responsible for RTKL's operations, finances and marketing of technical services globally, Labuskes has led projects in the corporate, government, commercial and healthcare spaces. Previously, Labuskes was President/CEO of Premier Technology services, a software and systems design consulting firm and Executive Vice President of Accelerated Payment Systems, an electronic payments processing firm.
Jeffreys added, "David Labuskes is a leading expert on the intersection of technology and the built environment. He is the executive who can help chart the course for InfoComm and our industry when it comes to the future of networked AV, smart building technology and more. His commitment to creating excellent environments will help the industry continue the quest for quality experiences for the industry's end-customers."
Labuskes has been a long-time volunteer with InfoComm, BICSI, NSCA and TIA, offering guidance in industry training, best practices and credentialing. "As an integrator, I think David Labuskes is the ideal choice to share his unique insights on the future of AV in the built environment, and advise the integration community on the IT skills that our businesses will need to acquire," said Jim Ford, PE, Chairman of the InfoComm Leadership Development Committee.
Labuskes will begin preliminary work at InfoComm on November 26, transitioning into the Executive Director/CEO position on January 1, 2013.

Matrox Avio fiber-optic dual-DVI KVM extender

Matrox Avio fiber-optic dual-DVI KVM extender allows you to separate your workstation from the user environment and secure it up to 2 km away in a machine room.

Avio extends uncompressed data over a single fiber-optic cable and doesn't introduce any latency. Users experience the same system performance—fast 3D graphics and smooth HD, 2K and 4K video, without any cursor/mouse lag or dropped frames.

Compared to CAT5 type copper extenders, a fiber-optic solution supports longer distances and delivers better overall performance as it provides larger bandwidth to extend multiple HD video streams.

Learn more…

The Open Control Architecture (OCA) Alliance (San Francisco CA), the industry collective developing a media networking system control standard for professional applications, has incorporated as a non-profit trade association. The Alliance was founded in June 2011 to develop a standardized control and monitoring architecture for professional media networks. The Alliance released initial technical documents to its Observer members in October 2011, and the complete OCA 1.0 Specification to the Observers in May 2012. The Specification now stands at Release 1.1, available at for free download. In the coming months, the Alliance will transfer the Specification to a public standards organization for ratification as an official open public standard, free for all to use. The Alliance will actively support the standards-making process, and will promote and support the adoption of OCA. Alliance founders are Bosch Communications Systems, d&b audiotechnik, Duran Audio, LOUD Technologies, Media Technology Systems, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Salzbrenner StageTec Mediagroup, TC Group and Yamaha Commercial Audio.

The International Trade Commission Investigation is now considering an initial determination (337-TA-804) by the administrative law judge that could ban the importation of the majority of the population of LED lights that could be used for video, film, broadcast and photography, except those made or licensed by Litepanels, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vitec Group plc. An immediate effect will be the elimination of market competition and a consequential spike in the price of LED light systems. Although the October 12 date for communicating about this issue has passed, more details can be found at


Canon's REALiS Pro AV Projectors Display Incredible Detail, Color and Brightness.

Canon's REALiS Installation LCOS Projectors feature high brightness, intricate image detail, accurate color, and a range of operational advantages. Fourth-generation AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical technology maximizes display capabilities and helps to deliver superb video and still images in long-throw venues and brightly-lit auditoriums.Benefits and advantages also include: Rich seamless image quality, higher-than-HD resolution (1920x1200 in select models, choice of Genuine Canon Lenses, motorized Lens Shift for installation convenience and advanced color adjustment. DICOM® simulation mode models are also available. Learn more about Canon's REALiS Projectors at:

According to Cambridge Sound Management (CSM, Cambridge MA), the company has successfully defended all claims in its direct field sound masking patent against a Patent Office reexamination request filed by Lencore Acoustics Corp. (Woodbury NY). In the final step of the proceeding, the US Board of Patent Appeals has denied all appeal requests by Lencore, and has stated that all claims in Patent US 7,194,094 B2 are upheld, saying, "We sustain the Examiner's refusal to adopt any of the Requester's proposed grounds of rejection." Lencore has subsequently discontinued sale of its "direct fired" (direct field) products.
"We will continue to defend our intellectual property, which is the foundation of our technology and important to our success," said John Heine, CSM President.
Lencore, in exclusive comments to Sound & Communications, stated that Cambridge Sound Management wrongly claimed that Lencore discontinued its sales of direct fired products subsequent to an action by the Patent Office with regard to a CSM patent request. Lencore continues to sell direct fired products. Earlier this year, Lencore dropped its lowest tier speaker line, Crossways, in favor of introducing a redesigned speaker. Sales of the discontinued Crossways speakers accounted for less than 1% of the company's business. Jonathan Leonard, Lencore President, commented, "With regard to small direct fired speakers, the market has spoken; these speakers simply do not meet the key requirements for sound quality. Our decision to discontinue these was based on market conditions and our commitment to quality."
In addition, Lencore reported that all patent claims by CSM were originally rejected and CSM was forced to amend its claims; although the new claims have been allowed, that decision is subject to further review. This process will likely take at least another year before a final determination is made. Lencore rejects that it has infringed any of Cambridge Sound Management's asserted patent's claims and maintains that these claims are invalid."

Contemporary Research introduces the ATSC+SDI HDTV Tuner

Contemporary Research introduces the ATSC+SDI HDTV Tuner, the first HDTV tuner with built-in broadcast-quality HD-SDI, shipping now.
By directly outputting HD-SDI instead of using an HDMI/SDI adapter, the SDI stream can include 708/608 captioning data, and can be switched to provide stereo AES or AC-3 audio.The HD-SDI video outputs at a fixed resolution (i080i, 720p, or 480i) using an internal scaler for analog and digital channels. In addition to the SDI, AV is sent simultaneously from Component and Composite video outputs, as well as digital coax/optical and stereo audio ports.
Based on the new 232-ATSC+1 platform, the ATSC+SDI is controllable via Ethernet, an onboard Web page, USB, RS-232 and IR control. Programming can be received using cable, off-air, analog, QAM and ATSC standards. An optional A/B RF switch can automatically switch between cable and off-air feeds, supporting a channel list for both inputs. A new digital tuning section enables better response for marginal channels.
The compact HDTV tuners can be mounted two-across within a single rack space.
Contemporary Research President Scott Hetzler says, "This product was created in response to requests from our integrators, consultants, and end users. HD-SDI is fast becoming the professional standard for HD video distribution, traditionally for TV stations and studios, and gaining popularity in corporate, worship, and sports facilities. We added Web control specifically for our broadcast users, who will no longer need control systems and extra interfaces to control their tuner."

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 (informally known as the Moving Picture Experts Group, MPEG) and ITU-T SG 16 Working Party 3 (WP3/16) have completed the ISO/IEC committee draft of the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard developed by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC), a joint team between MPEG and WP3/16. The committee draft was approved in February 2012 and is the first formal ISO/IEC milestone in the HEVC project. HEVC is expected to be submitted in January 2013 for final standardization approval.
The design of HEVC, the next generation of video compression standards, incorporates the latest technologies and algorithmic advances to address the persistent demand for broader usage of video content, video migration to broadband networks, diversification of mobile devices, ever-higher resolutions for cameras and displays, and increasingly high video quality.
The ISO/IEC's MPEG and ITU-T's video coding experts (currently Q6/16, informally known as the Visual Coding Experts Group, VCEG) previously developed other video coding standards, including the MPEG-2 standard (ISO/IEC 13818-2 and ITU-T H.262), which resulted in the creation of digital television as we know it today, and the AVC standard (ISO/IEC 14496-10 and ITU-T H.264), which incorporated advances in video coding technology that doubled the compression efficiency of MPEG-2.
HEVC is the latest in the series of video compression standards to be developed jointly by VCEG and MPEG. The major goal is to develop the next generation video coding standard that could achieve the same level of video quality with a substantial savings (e.g., reduction by half) relative to the bit rate required by AVC. Initial measurements of the capability of HEVC, at this stage, indicate that its performance is already meeting or exceeding the targets set by this goal.

Industry veteran Michael MacDonald has joined audio production company and sound reinforcement provider ATK Audiotek (Valencia CA) as President, coincident with the retirement of outgoing President Michael Stahl. His responsibilities will involve leadership of the company's business development, sales and marketing programs. With more than 30 years of experience in the pro audio industry, most recently as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Harman Professional for five years, he previously operated a consulting business at Pilot Business Strategies, working with more than 30 professional audio clients and trade organizations on product and program development, business planning and marketing, and sales. MacDonald has held senior roles at other pro audio manufacturers, including president of JBL Professional and 10 years in executive positions with Yamaha International.


Effective September 1, 2012, Performance Devices no longer represents Duran Audio and the AXYS Intellivox brand within the US. Duran Audio is now servicing US AXYS Intellivox customers directly, and has set up a US contact for information, servicing and sales: Max Lindsay-Johnson, 347.329.4423, email For more information, go to According to the company, "It is our aim to strengthen the existing brand representatives throughout the US during the coming months."




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