New Group Assists European Commercial AV Suppliers Reach US Market

Industry veterans Manfred Freiberger and Ron Devoe have formed Successful Sales Consulting, a network of established reps and dealers serving the US market, as well as sales, marketing and service support. The idea is to assist European manufacturers of AV-related products that want to enter the US market with their innovative and unique products. Although their home-base sales model typically works through distributors, the US model works through hundreds of dealers who prefer a direct relationship with the manufacturer. The US market is daunting in geographical size, and logistics of warehousing, order fulfillment, timely technical support cannot be achieved effectively without a physical presence within the US. In addition, gaining name recognition and product understanding in this region can be costly in both time and money. With that said, however, there is an opportunity for positive financial return.

For premium European AV manufacturers that want to enter the US market, Successful Sales Consulting can help define a sales strategy, recruit and establish an independent manufacturer’s representative network and Initiate product and sales training, among other services. Principals are Manfred Freiberger, a 25-year industry veteran, and Ron Devoe, a 30-year industry veteran and Founder/CEO of rep firm Total Marketing for 26 years.

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