Listen Technologies announces the Arrival of ListenTALK


ListenTALK is an all-in-one completely wireless device that both transmits and receives, making it the ideal solution for all two-way communication needs. Leaders can clearly speak to a group and allow them to respond with the simple press of a button. With three participant modes, leaders are always in control of the conversation. Groups are easily configured with a push of a button in the Docking Station Tray or on the go with a tap using Near Field Communication (NFC). With multiple configurations available, ListenTALK offers an exceptional listening experience in any environment, making it the perfect solution for guided tours, event production, intercom, assistive listening, interpretation, and more.

  • Simple: The push of a button delivers two-way talk collaboration
  • Secure: Encryption technology ensures privacy in conversations
  • Reliable: Works with low interference, operating in the less crowded 1.9 GHz frequency band

Be among the first to see the magic of ListenTALK. Visit Listen Technologies at InfoComm Orlando Booth #1823. Use VIP code: LIS598 for FREE registration.

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