The main sanctuary’s projection screen is hung house right. The off-center location of the screen was chosen to counteract the low ceiling height and keep the ceiling speaker out of the projector’s beam.
House Of Worship, Installations

Small Church, Big Picture

Church of the Nations represents many smaller-sized congregations’ AV needs.0 352
The main PA system is configured to cover the main seating area and the bleachers behind the stage.

19th Century Amphitheater Renovates

Chautauqua Amp's unique design modernizes historic venue.0 1068
USI’s large corporate headquarters in Valhalla NY served as the AV blueprint for more than 150 locations nationwide.

Connectivity And Collaboration With BYOD

USI’s corporate campus advances capabilities with ease of use.0 414

Corporate AV With A Clublike Atmosphere

Planit agency gets hip with systems for entertainment and business.0 505

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