Digital Signage

Hitting the Bulls-Eye In 2014

Embrace the new.

Technology trends and general growth forecasts for the year ahead have made the rounds in all media, so now it is time to look for some of the opportunities these trends may produce.

New tools and maturing customer awareness have made it easier to propose and deploy more tightly targeted and interactive signage systems. These innovative solutions can provide value-add opportunities for experienced integrators with advanced expertise.

As the price points of deploying digital signage continue to plummet—with rock-bottom screen prices, easy to install displays, simpler content creation and acquisition, and readily available analytics—the demand for digital signage should continue to grow at a good pace. New customers and users with signage networks in their second or third generation of deployment are looking for even more effective and efficient ways to communicate and engage viewers.

One way to capture more of this growing market is to leverage your traditional AV skills and experience. Sound reinforcement, signal routing, video processing and video projection are parts of these new signage environments. Experience with mobile, kiosk and other interactive technologies are also areas where AV/IT pros often have an edge over the competition. Expertise with cloud-based solutions, data security, virtualization and other IT hot buttons could add to your value proposition.

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