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Harman Pro To Consolidate Operations, Lay Off 650

Harman Pro has announced a major consolidation of its workforce over the next nine months to a year.

According to the company, 650 positions (out of 3,700 Harman Pro employees worldwide) will be affected in the US and Europe in Elkhart IN, South Jordan UT and a few other offices that came to Harman through a number of acquisitions over the last 10 years.

“The changes…are the culmination of a transformation that the Professional Solutions division has been undergoing for the last two years,” the official release stated. This development follows a trend over the last year, including a layoff of 86 workers at Harman International’s AMX in Cheney WA (formerly AutoPatch) on May 4 and a previous layoff of more than 100 employees in Elkhart in June.

The official release stated, “[Harman is] now consolidating…to leverage the R&D, engineering, design and manufacturing operations of our other divisions and speed up our time to market.”

Looking toward the future, “[Harman] will enter a rebuilding mode, forming three [centers of operations]: Northridge CA for Acoustics; Richardson TX for Electronics, DSP and Video & Control; and Aarhus, Denmark, for Lighting,” the release stated.

Future investments that Harman will be making include a stronger IT infrastructure, supply chain and software-driven NPIs, which according to the company, will improve high-demand product availability and processes and resources for its customers, sales teams and distributors.

The release further stated, “We will also redirect our investments to IT tools and platforms, to ensure our sales teams, distributors and reps have the tools and support they need to easily transact business. In addition, we are investing in Experience Centers in the US, and Europe, on top of the two that are already in Asia, for Harman and our partners to engage customers and demonstrate our leading solutions.”

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