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Meeting Schedules Despite Progress

My reaction to someone telling me to “just do it” reminded me less of a motivation coach, and more of an inflexible senior executive.
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No DHCP? No reservations? No service!

IP address conflicts and system awareness.
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Fixing Someone Else’s Work: AV Witness Marks

Noticing the most common AV witness marks can help you finish the job quick.
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Gamers Driving Conference Room Technology

I’m not sure how many people will be reading this. I haven’t heard from several of my dear friends for …
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Last Minute Design Changes

Do NOT open that box.
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Do You Meet Or Exceed The Client’s Needs?

When I was a kid, the rumor was that if you bought a McLaren F1 (technically categorized as a “sports …
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Back to Basics: Polarity

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Good Mythical Morning. One of their new segments on the …
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In Defense of Cookie-Cutter AV

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
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Predicting Failure: The Five Keys To Maintenance

Minimize emergency calls by applying periodic, quick, documented preventive maintenance testing on systems.
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The Day HD-SDI Let Me Down

In projects I’m involved with and classes I instruct, whenever the possibility of using HD-SDI comes up, I jump at …
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Best Source of Commissioning Agents

A pool of undeveloped talent for AV Commissioning.
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My AV New Year’s Resolutions

I understand that you are probably sick and tired of resolutions. I understand that it is cliché. However, I really …
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The Project Team Deconstructed

The people we encounter on any given project.
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CRM Best Practice: It’s The Little Things That Count

Details that can make or break a successful system can't be ignored.
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Capturing Client Information The Right Way

This blog is about capturing notes during a commissioning, but the skill transcends just testing.
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Superman’s Pocket Planner Must Be Bulletproof

Heroes aren’t born; they’re made. One task at a time.
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When Displays Are Just Too Dang Smart!

Don't cha just love how easy display manufacturers make our lives?
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STIPA & Intelligibility

The “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!” Test
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Maintenance VS. Commoditization

AV systems are installed and operated with little thought given to maintenance.
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Begin With The End In Mind

The most important part for you to own as a leader is the outcome.
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♪ Rock The Sound Bar: The Buzzes & Rattles Test

A quick, grass-catcher test that should be performed on any audio system.
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AV MacGyver: Ghost Talkers

The goal is to float an amplified loudspeaker at a mouth position while it produces standard talker levels.
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Changer Danger

Successful or not, you have to respect those with the vision and the chutzpah to make an attempt at a different way of doing things.
pag-nag feedback solution
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Stop Feedback At Its Source!

PAG-NAGs and why they rule.

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