FEEL LIKE You’re in the Same Room

NEC Display Solutions is excited to offer a new peer-to-peer collaboration tool. The Mosaic Canvas is a new solution that allows users to collaborate in real time via the internet, using a Windows PC or Raspberry Pi device conducting two-way collaborations with a single piece of software. This single software allows collaborators to connect and work together, with easy setup and hassle-free performance. It also features an expandable canvas, providing a dynamic workspace much bigger than even the largest displays.

As a team gathers in a huddle space on the east coast, they can dial in to a conference room on the west coast to join a collaboration session.  In this shared workspace, they can actually see the other group’s photos and diagrams while making notes on the same canvas, for everyone to view, facilitating informed decisions. The modular nature of this tool will give customers the flexibility to choose the right product to fit their collaboration needs and budget.

Two additional Mosaic versions will be released in the future: Canvas Hub will incorporate video conferencing and messaging and Mosaic Connect will provide even more robust collaboration features, enabling wireless presentations and sharing from computers, laptops, or mobile devices.

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