Ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction

To ensure that each new system meets the customer’s expectations for performance, Extron developed its System Commissioning Service.

Prior to installation, an Extron System Design Engineer (SDE) will assist with development of a commissioning plan that will help guarantee the success of the project before it begins. Working closely with the reseller and the customer, the SDE will ask a series of detailed questions intended to gather critical data, including details about the jobsite, the system application and how the customer will interact with the system. The SDE will evaluate the current system design, including products specified, sources, display types and cable distance estimates. Site considerations important for installation planning are evaluated, such as general site availability and any access restrictions for individuals or equipment. The SDE can even assist the integrator with scheduling the installation project, with particular focus on key milestone dates for product delivery, installation, commissioning and project completion.

Once the system installation is complete, the SDE will arrive onsite to inspect the installation, conduct functional testing and optimize product performance. If necessary, the SDE can troubleshoot any issues related to signal distribution, system control and image or sound quality. The SDE will also provide complete training for key customer personnel on how to control the system, as well as how to perform basic system adjustments.

The Extron System Commissioning Service is personalized for each installation, depending on the products installed, integrator capabilities and specific customer needs. Extron offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and will work to resolve any issue with the purchase. Extron employees are prepared to do whatever it takes to make certain that the entire process of doing business with them is a positive and professionally rewarding experience.

The Extron System Commissioning Service is a critical component of this ongoing pledge.

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