Design 7.2 Documentation and Presentation for AV Professionals

stardraw.comCreated specifically for AV professionals, Stardraw Design 7.2 makes it easy to create the drawings that integrators rely on, including system schematics, floor- and ceiling plans, rack layouts and presentations.  The software’s smart drawing environments are supported by a library of 93,000 high-quality symbols representing products from  777 manufacturers which means that accurate, detailed drawings can be created in minutes rather than hours.  What’s more, the project-based system architecture means that you can generate reports, Bills of Materials, Cable Schedules and Quotations directly from your system drawings, without having to enter data twice (or more!).  New in Stardraw Design 7.2 is the ability to create editable drawings from  imported  PDF files and support of J-STD-710, the standard jointly published by InfoComm, CEDIA and the CTA which defines symbols of AV and control products for use in Plan View drawings.


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